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Reliance 1#

Title: Reliance 1# Medium:Arcylic on canves Size:24''(W) x 24''(H) Year:2013 Status:Sold How beautiful are coupledflowers,grass andgreen leaves. 为青草绿叶配上花朵是多么的美.

Local Fruit(Malaysia)

Title:Local Fruit(Malaysia) Medium:Arcylic on canves Size:36''(H) x 72''(W) Year:2013 Status:Sold This is the biggest size i paint this year.Arduousprocess, but happy.这是我今年画得最大张的一幅.过程艰辛,但开心.

Indulgency 2#

Title:Indulgency 2# Medium:Arcylic on canves Size:12''(w) x 18''(H) Year:2013 Status:Sold Green leaves, blossoms flowers, although it is notreal flowers, It feel nice to look.Even thebutterflylove it much. 绿色的叶子,盛放的花朵.虽然它不是真花,但也能让人赏心悦目.就连蝴蝶也喜爱有加.

Freedom Loving 1#

Title:Freedom Loving 1# Medium:Arcylic on canves Size:12''(W) x 12''(H) Year:2013
Status:Sold  Pigeons is symbol of freedom,fly the wings act of flying bring out the beauty of Batik. 象征自由的白鸽,自由飞翔在大自然.白鸽展开翅膀衬托出Batik的柔美.

Playing with water

Title:Playing with water Medium:Arcylic on canves Size:48''(H) x 36''(W) Year:2013
At waterfall,Occasionally met the girl playing with water.she smiled at me. 经过瀑布,偶尔遇见戏水中的女孩.她对我微笑.


Title:YEARN  向往 Medium:Arcylic on canves Size:36''(H) x48''(W) Year:2013 Status:Sold Yearning of the sky, Looking forward to the embrace of soaring to the sky, even only a brief moment.
Fly!Toward the freedom belongs to you,The batik fabric flowers bloom for you. 向往的天空,期盼飞入蓝天的怀抱,哪怕只有短暂的一刻.飞吧!奔向属于你的自由,就连墙上峇迪的花朵也为你盛开.