The beauty of Faith solo exhibition

The beauty of Faith solo exhibition 美的信仰个展  21-11- 015         


          In the year 2003, having graduated in the Fine Arts, I started creating my own series. I was constantly finding the essence of “beauty” while progressing from flat to deep portrayal of colors. After years of exploring, I was disappointed to find myself yet circling around the “technicalities of beauty”. I was unable to apply a bigger perspective to understand “beauty” and appreciate ”beauty”.
“Beauty” is actually an innermost psychological natural activity. It is around us all the time, awaiting for us to discover it. The scope of beauty includes everything in life. The media of expression includes the use of texts, visual images, auditory sounds and others. The use of texts can be found in the “beauty” footprints of general literary works. For example, you may not be conscious of your feelings after reading a literary work. However, a subsequent trigger of happiness, sadness, regret and other emotions occurs in you. And then a blend of sceneries is presented in your mind. Thus generating the “beauty”. A visual image such as a painting and a graphic design of the picture has an even more direct expression. When the viewer feels a resonance with these works of art, the effect of 'Beauty' can also be achieved.. Auditory sounds such as classical music, jazz and others can also produce the feeling of ‘beauty’. Films and architecture are also a combination of different media used to present ‘beauty’. Life is a blessing if it is accompanied with ‘beauty’, when we are facing pressures in life. Appreciating ‘beauty’ is a good activity. It allows us to briefly disengage from the pressures of reality and provide somebreathing space. An informative artwork allows the viewer to enter into reflection and change in mindset. Artworks are also a media to record histories. We can indirectly understand the basic appearances of the society of that time by viewing the artwork. Thus, history is made more interesting by adding history into the background of the art object through the painter’s artistic life.
          From henceforth, I will work harder to improve myself, so that I can appreciate all the ‘beauty’ in my life. I think, in the future, I must look and explore for ‘beauty’ with committed perseverance, with firm belief. Hence, “The faith in beauty” has become the title of this exhibition. If ‘beauty’ is faith, then I would like to be the shepherd, and dedicate myself to lead all of you into the embracing arms of beauty.

Special thanks to:

Gan Ah Mooi
Ng Chu Yang
Cindy Foo Kuen Tee
James Lee 
Meow Goh
Mrs.Tew Nai Tong
Lim Kok Peng & Lau wai leng
Hasan Hanapiah Hasan
Lecture Leong Chee Siong
Eston Tan

all my family member and Friends

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