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Abandoned culture

Acrylic on canvas 30''(H) x 42''(w) 2014
Status:Artist collection

被遗弃的文化 蝴蝶盘旋在绣布上,象征着维护与欣赏已将近丢失的文化.但无法逃脱被现实和科技的冲击,使得它逐渐流失.让我们像画中蝴蝶般点燃我们的热情和关注,使得曾经引以为傲的传统得以世代相传。 Abandoned culture Butterflies hovering above the embroidered cloth symbolizes the protection
and appreciation of a lost art.The onslaught of modernization and technology
obsoletes the use of traditional handcrafted artifacts.Let us,like the butterflies
ignite our passion and concern that this once proud tradition be passed on to future generations.