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Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2016

Very happy to announce that, I have join the coming Affordable art fair at Singapore . For who are interest please contact Keli Fong +65 9731027 or Arthur Lim +65 96521063 for free Admission.

Reflection 1#

Title: Reflection 1# Size: 18" x 18" Medium: Acrylic on canvas Year: 2016


几个月下来的探索与尝试,我总算找到自己想挑战的题材。PANTAI TIMUR SERIES 是描述我去东海岸所看到与感受到的一切。希望能创作出不只是画面的作品,透过我感性的接触与理性的安排把东海岸的生活点滴记录在画布上。在东海岸通过纸笔与相机记录的内容使我非常激动的想把它们都表达出来。我非常喜欢与投入创作这系列,希望日后大家也喜欢与享受这系列的作品。

Taking a few months to trying and searching my new painting idea and subject, finally I find a way to keep going. That is PANTAI TIMUR SERIES, with this series I realy enjoy to paint more. It's exposing what I travel and seeing at pantai timur west malaysia. I try to express the culture and lifestyle more than just showing the image. I feel happy and enjoy it much, hope you guys enjoy too.

                       Rest 休息
    Fishing net 捕鱼网

Full of thought


The blue sky of Terengganu

Title: The blue sky of Terengganu 登嘉楼的蓝天 Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 46" x 48" Year 2016

三月是个炎热的天气,尤其在东海岸。蓝蓝的天伴着热浪拍打声,海风轻轻吹动沙滩上高低不一的椰树。仿佛是一场大自然的演奏会,歌颂着生命的可贵,赞扬着自由的美好。 相比在屋内显得较宁静,此时凉在窗口的岜迪萨笼也因为炎热的气候而干透。看向蓝天,不知曾经一起玩乐的鸟儿是否找到它向往的生活,是否已飞向自由的怀抱。忙着生活当儿会否回来探望曾经的玩伴。

Ready to go


Life experience is a very important part for artist to get inspiration. My painting has always been in the performance of my thoughts, Through 'I' to tell a story. It's wonderful if I experience more happens in my life. no matter it is happy or sadness, I will try input my life experience to my painting and use my way to record my life.

My hear package

Title: My hear package Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 48" x 48" Year: 2015
My hear package There are vulnerable moments among people. When there are difficulties, some people choose to stay with their friends and family, some of them prefer to handle it alone. I am the latter. I would bury my weakness and my tears would be hidden deep inside my heart.I would use the beautiful and bright cloths to cover my weakness, preventing others from seeing it. I believe that emotions are contagious. Why don’t we spread the happiness to others and keep the sadness to ourselves.
我内心的包裹 人总有脆弱的时候。当遇到困难时,有人选择与朋友家人一起度过,有的却默默独自承受,我是属于后者。我的软弱,眼泪都被我深深的藏在心底。用美丽耀眼的染布包裹起来,不让别人看见。我相信情绪是会被传染的,与其让身边人与你一起悲伤,不如大家一起散播快乐的种子