Title: Life is beautiful
Size: 48" x 48"
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2015

Human being has to face different of failure and challenge since they born and till end of their life. However, human being still live hard for it as the life was so beautiful and glorious, its full of charm!
The completions of cloths in this painting just show like our life, the more twists and turns we face, the more we gain.I think life should be like that, we have to go through a lot of difficulty and challenge to achieve our destination. Face it and fulfill it will make us more brave and mature.
Butterfly in this painting symbolizes beautiful and short-life cycle, it has to adapt to the environment and avoid other 'animals attack since from larvae to cocoon and finally transmute to a beautiful butterfly. No matter how beautiful they are, they just can live a few weeks only, but they still work on it.
I painted this artwork to encourage people which face challenges and having hard time ,It may feel suffer at this moment, but when you give effort and gone through it, it will become your lifes significant marking, just like the beautiful twists and turns cloths.
Hope all of us can go through all the difficulties firmly in our life and create our own glorious life.




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